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School recipe books – a unique collection of treasured recipes from your school community, personalised with photos and emblems from your school, which can become a touchstone and historical reference for your school.

Here's how our cookbook fundraising works:

Kids Creations Ltd will send out a "cookbook fundraiser pack" containing:

  • instruction guide sheet
  • information sheets, personalised for your school, to distribute to school families – you can suggest what types of recipes your school would prefer to collect, or what theme the recipe book might have, etc

Once you receive the above, distribute the classroom packs to each teacher. The teachers collect the recipes back from each child from their family. The recipes are forwarded via the school co-ordinator to Kids Creations Ltd for collation, proofing and typing.

Kids Creations Ltd suggest that a letter of introduction from the school principal and/or Board of Trustees would be an appropriate opening statement for the recipe book, or you might have another key person in mind...

Your school might also provide personalised illustrations for the recipe book such as a photograph, school emblem, etc.

Your school fundraising co-ordinator will review and approve the final recipe book proof before it goes to print. The cookbooks are then printed and bound, and delivered to your school address.

Kids Creations Ltd will supply personalised order forms for the schools to distribute to school families, which include promotional advertising to assist your school to make this fundraising as successful as possible.

Please note our minimum order quantity of 200 books.

Kids Creations Ltd will send an invoice once your order is delivered, giving you 30 days to make payment in full.


Cookbooks cost from $11.00 per book (min. qty 200) - includes GST and Freight

New cookbook orders accepted from January to August only, while
we focus on calendars between September to December. Cookbook reorders are
accepted in any month.