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Children's artwork or photos printed onto a rectangular mousemat which has a flexible fabric surface and a rubberised underside.

Our bright appealing mousemats with children's own artwork or photograph make a wonderful gift that will last for years!

Here's how our Mousemat fundraising works:

Kids Creations Ltd will send your school the following resources:

  • art paper for each child
  • creative art ideas booklets – to assist teachers with suggested art lesson plans if required
  • instruction sheets for each teacher, to explain our simple & fun process
  • order forms for each child to take home – each order form includes a "promotional" letter, which will assist schools & preschools to make their fundraising as successful as possible
  • teachers summary order forms – easy to understand and follow

Once you receive the above fundraising resource pack, distribute the individual classroom packs to each teacher. Every child at school or preschool is able to participate in painting their own picture, whether or not their family chooses to order the product.

Each child takes home an order form (which Kids Creations Ltd has personalised for your school – with your payment options, your selected pricing, etc). Kids Creations Ltd include promotional information on the order forms, to assist families in their purchasing decisions, which in turn, makes your fundraising more profitable!

Once the order forms are returned to the teachers (you select this date), with payment enclosed, the teachers complete their Kids Creations Ltd class summary order form – using the Kids Creations Ltd instruction sheet to keep the process clear and simple.

Your school retains the payments collected from school families, while you send the artwork and order summaries to Kids Creations Ltd. We will process your order in approximately 2 weeks (allow 3 weeks at our busiest time – November). At this stage, there has been NO expense to the school so far.


  • you order the mousemats once parents have paid for them
  • Kids Creations Ltd wait to invoice your school/preschool once the mousemats have been supplied

Finally, Kids Creations Ltd return the completed orders, in classroom packs, with the original artwork. We recommend that the school co-ordinators keep hold of the artwork, to assist with subsequent orders for your fundraising.

Kids Creations Ltd will send an invoice to your school or preschool, which allows 30 days for payment in full.


Mousemats cost $13.50 each - includes GST and Freight.