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Kids Creations

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Kids Creation

Kids Creation

Kids Creation

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Follow our simple and fun process to fundraise for your school or kindergarten. Combine kids' artistic creations or favourite photos with our high quality calendars, greeting cards, diaries, mousemats, cookbooks and notebooks to make your schools/preschools' efforts translate into successful fundraising that families will really appreciate.

You will discover that our uniquely presented calendars are not only very rewarding and fun for the children and teachers but also a great way to raise money for your school or preschool.

Each Kids Creations calendar and card features an individual piece of artwork or photo created by the students of your school. We take each student's artwork or photo and transform it into a professionally printed calendar or card. Our calendars and cards make popular and inexpensive gifts for both family and friends.

We provide traditional calendars and other fundraising products with a unique point of difference. We are always striving to provide the best service and the best quality. We listen to you and look forward to working with you and your school on your next school fundraising project.

  • Trivia in date squares (optional)
  • Bible Verses - choose ours, yours or none
  • School Logo can be included
  • 12 beautiful monthly calendar pages: Native Flowers & Birds, Endangered Species and Healthy Foods themes


"Fundraising with Flexibility"

Choices to tailor YOUR Calendar
for YOUR school or preschool.

Bright, colourful calendars.